What does it mean to be a volunteer?

Being a volunteer means giving part of your time to participating in socially significant projects, that is, those that improve our lives.

Volunteering is free of charge, voluntarily. This is the way of life of a modern civilized person. Especially young.

More than one hundred million people are participating today in the volunteer movement around the world.

And what does that give you?

1. You increase your self-esteem


As a volunteer, you help people. Participating in social projects, you make the world around us, even a little, but better. Participating in environmental actions, you are contributing to the salvation of our planet. You always realize that you are giving good and that's why you become better yourself. You start to feel differently. And the attitude towards you from others is also changing.


2. Grow


Volunteers have several hierarchical steps. Everything starts, as a rule, with small shares in his city. As you gain experience, it becomes possible to work at events such as football matches or international forums. Then - and abroad. Volunteers of the Universiade visited Brussels and Belgrade. In 2011, a trip to Shenzhen is planned, in 2012 - to London.


3. Traveling


Volunteering is a way of life. Immersed in this world, you begin to look for interesting projects. All sports events of the international level-Olympic Games, World Student Games, championships in different sports attract volunteers from all over the world. Volunteers are provided with housing, food, and uniform.   


4. You improve the language


Many projects and events in which volunteers participate are held with the participation of guests from other countries. Gradually, you overcome the language barrier. Volunteering is the best way to master the language of interest in perfection.


5. Building the foundation of your future career


The first thing you look at when taking you to work is your resume. In addition to education and work experience, you are usually asked to tell what else you are doing in life. Volunteering here is a huge plus for you. You not only demonstrate your personal qualities - kindness, responsiveness, sociability, organization, responsibility, but also show yourself as a versatile and developed person. In most of the major companies working in accordance with international standards, the experience of the volunteer is almost an obligatory quality when hiring.


6. Increase your chances of receiving grants


The same thing happens when writing a resume for applying for a grant or scholarship for studying abroad. Of course, you will not be hurt by good academic performance and compliance with the main parameter of this or that program, but be sure: indicating that you are a volunteer, you go up dramatically in the list of candidates for a grant.


7. Find new friends


Volunteers are people of different ages, different nationalities, different activities and hobbies. But all of them are bright, talented people with unquenchable energy. Participating in volunteer projects, you make hundreds of new acquaintances, which can grow into a strong friendship. It can be people from other cities, countries, on other continents. This is an opportunity to meet people from a different circle. The opportunity to look at the world with different eyes.


8. Doing something meaningful


What is of great benefit to society: a set of school benefits for children from the orphanage or the opening of a new plant in the city? Distributing flyers with information on the dangers of drug use or advertising a new car? Assessing your life and your affairs, think about what you are doing good for others. Collecting toys for children at home baby, you do not spend much time, but you know that the development of these children - this is also your merit. You really did something meaningful.


9. Uncover your talents


Volunteer projects are a huge field for creativity. If you are in search of ways of self-expression, you need to be a volunteer. You can draw - design a logo for a new volunteer project. You go in for sports - train a team of schoolchildren. You know a foreign language - become a volunteer-translator. Photograph - make a photo exhibition about the destruction of monuments of antiquity or something more joyful. Whatever you are into, in the volunteer movement there is always a niche in which you can realize your abilities.


10. And finally, you just become a Man


In all civilized countries, volunteer work is considered an integral part of the life of any citizen. If you are able, you help society. This is the concept of the social responsibility of every person. Look at the statistics of volunteers in the world and see for yourself.